Case Studies

Business Planning, Modeling and Organization for Capital Formation

Client Issue: Inventor of new, green technology has just received a patent and is not sure how to move forward with developing its business model and finding capital.

Solution: The Idea Gardener led a market analysis and worked with founder-inventor to develop a fully detailed five-year business plan with full financials. Our team also participated in numerous calls on client prospects around the country. The Idea Gardener then positioned new company for presentations to a variety of angel investment groups, individual investors and as part of a major regional investment conference and competition. We also helped assemble the Board of Directors, identified sources for legal, public relations, creative services and financial/accounting services.

Results: The new company has received its first investor funds and is launching into the market.

Revitalize Brand Through New Products, Updated Branding and New Creative Execution

Client Issue: Existing company and category leader has “hit the wall” in terms of growth. Management is looking for new avenues to grow its primary brand.

Solution: The Idea Gardener identified several constraints arising from the existing brand strategy and positioning. Received client buy-in to revitalize the brand through a combination of new products, altered consumer brand positioning, a dynamic media campaign (advertising and public relations), a variety of national consumer promotions, updated packaging and a strong trade-oriented support program. As part of implementation, assembled a cross-functional team of company leadership to map, manage and communicate the full program.

Results: Successfully launched over a dozen new products driving double digit sales growth and improved profitability. Re-positioning of brand also allowed for a variety of new growth opportunities.

Develop New Growth Avenues and Position Company for Eventual Sale

Client Issue: Eight-year old internet firm found growth slowing and facing minimal bottom line profitability. Ownership/management unsure of long term goal for company.

Solution: The Idea Gardener conducted internal and external research to analyze company situation and market. Provided a three-year strategic plan with growth road map. The Idea Gardener assisted management in identifying high growth areas, profit improvement opportunities and end-game goal (sale of company) along with target acquirers. As part of this, developed both a standard business marketing plan and a marketing plan to expose business to and develop relationships with potential acquirers.

Results: Company enjoyed nearly in excess of 50% growth in the next two years through a combination of new products/services, enhanced marketing efforts and new marketing relationships while being supported by new internal development processes and planning systems. Company was successfully sold to a target acquirer at a premium price within 36 months.

Licensing Out IP/Technology

Client Issue: Company had developed new technology and product prototypes, but did not have the funding or resources to move product to market, nor the management experience to approach the market.

Solution: The Idea Gardener developed a licensing strategy and plan for company and worked to introduce company to potential licensees.

Results: Project currently underway.

New Business Growth Road Map and New Product/Service Development and Interactive Marketing

Client Issue: Web-based company, newly acquired by ownership team with little marketing or historical data available from prior ownership.

Solution: The Idea Gardener was involved in this project prior to acquisition as it assisted with due diligence process. Upon acquisition, The Idea Gardener provided a top-level business plan and budget and instituted a tactical marketing plan to grow the business. In addition, we provided leadership in developing new avenues for growth through new services and partnerships.

Results: The company enjoyed initial growth in excess of 10% in a declining market. It has continued to see record sales and profitability numbers for over six consecutive years thus far. It was recently named as best in its field by a leading national magazine and has successfully negotiated four new partnerships with national organizations as either a recommended provider or an exclusive partner.